The Mountains of Mumbai

Author: Labanya Ghosh

Illustrator: Pallavi Jain

Publisher: Karadi Tales

“Doma has come all the way from Ladakh to visit her friend Veda in Mumbai. While Doma loves the sights and sounds of the big city, she longs for the mountains of Ladakh. Imagine her surprise when Veda reveals that there are mountains in Mumbai too!
The book takes you on an unforgettable journey of Mumbai with beautiful watercolours that bring alive the beloved, bustling coastal city of Mumbai.”

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Neev Literature Festival
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 2 reviews
by Reviewd - Advay (Grade 2C) on Neev Literature Festival

I would like to nominate the book The Mountains of Mumbai by Labanya Ghosh and Pallavi Jain for Most Creative Award (the Most Creative Award) because: The book is very creative.
The pictures are so colourful that I think that I am right there!
The character I like is Veda because she is kind hearted and tries to comfort everybody, for example: she convinced Doma (her younger friend) that buildings were mountains!
My favourite part is when she tells Doma that mountains can be any shape, any colour or even a rainbow. Veda wanted Doma to know Ladakh was not far away in her imagination.
Another favourite part of mine is when Veda asks Doma a few questions:
Is the wind blowing cooler?
Have your cheeks turned red?
Is your heart beating as loud as the drums in the Ganpati festival?
Can you see the whole world from up here?
Yes! Yes! Yes! We are on a mountain in Mumbai!, said Doma. “Yes, a proper mountain!”, said Veda.
The lesson I learned is: be friendly and make everyone feel comfortable by being creative. That's why I nominate this book for Most Creative Award

by Zohraab Abraham - Gr 4 on Neev Literature Festival

The story is about Doma, a girl from Ladakh, who comes to meet her friend Veda, who lives in Mumbai. Doma likes Mumbai but misses the mountains of her home. Veda thinks mountains can be any shape, size, and colour. Doma is very confused. She asks Veda more about them; ‘’When you climb this mountain, will your heart beat as loud as the Hemis Tsechu festival?’’ Veda takes Doma to a special place and Doma finds out if there are really mountains in Mumbai.
When I read the words ‘Hemis Tsechu festival’ in the book, I remembered the songs we learnt in my school, in different languages, and how our music teacher used to tell us about that culture.
This book, written by Labanya Ghosh will make readers look at the buildings and skyscrapers of Mumbai with a different perspective. The illustrator, Pallavi Jain has made the story come alive using her watercolour paintings. I think everyone should read this book because it is really well illustrated and the story is short and sweet.