The Gular Flower

Author: Rinchin

Illustrator:  Vipul Verma

Publisher: Tulika Publishers

“The gular, or cluster fig, flower is very very beautiful, everyone says, and Renchu is desperate to see it. But is it red and big, pink and small, or white and shining like a star? Does it bloom during full moon in the month of Magh or of Kartik? There are many stories, all different, and only the really lucky get to see it. As she goes about her day picking waste, Renchu can think of only one thing-will she too see it sometime?
The book is layered with more than just the quest for an elusive flower. It is set in the world of Paardhi tribals displaced from the forests and takes us through their dreams and reality.”

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Neev Literature Festival
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 2 reviews
by Reviewd - Samaya (Grade 2C) on Neev Literature Festival

Have you ever been stopped from doing something you really wanted to do just because people thought it was silly?
I recently read a book that inspired me to follow my heart. I want to nominate this book for the “Best Life Lesson Award”. It isThe Gular Flowerwritten by Rinchin and illustrated by Vipul Verma.
The Gular Floweris the story of a girl called Renchu. Her sister and friends often excluded her from their conversations. One day, they spoke to her of the rare Gular flower which only special people could see. I felt sorry for Renchu because they were trying to fool her. I hoped that Renchu would find the Gular flower and show it to them so they would feel embarrassed for making fun of her.
I enjoyed the part where Renchu’s grandmother compares her to her grandfather who also believed everything everybody told him. This appealed to me because they want to think the best of others.
When Renchu heard many people say that it would be impossible to see the Gular flower, she did not lose hope or feel discouraged. Instead, she followed her heart and kept going to the tree everyday. This proves her determination. It reminds me of when I was little and loved to go to the garden. My grandmother told me that there would be many insects and I would get dirty. But I wanted to plant roses and begged my father to let me continue gardening. Today, there are 4 lovely rose bushes in my garden!!
In my opinion this book deserves the Award for Best Life Lesson. It inspires the reader to follow their dreams and not bother about what other people may say.

by Arushi Chandra - 5B on Neev Literature Festival

The blurb of the book is suspenseful, which made me eager to open the book. But it was the author's captivating writing style that held me until the end. The story is about a girl who is a ragpicker and her quest to find the rare Gular flower. Renchu, the ragpicker, is inquisitive, determined, strong, and brave.
The writing beautifully portrays the nature of every character and explains their thoughts, feelings, and the reasons behind their actions. It also describes the way Renchu’s family lives. It shows their difficulties and setbacks, their routines and rituals. The author has used words from the language spoken by Renchu’s tribe and not everyone will be able to understand these words. It would have helped to add a glossary explaining the meaning of the terms like “Gular.” In addition to that, I feel, the transitions between scenes could have been smoother.
The book is also remarkable for Vipul Verma’s illustrations that give the reader the feel and texture of the book. You can imagine the flower being soft, or rough. The illustrations helped me see what Renchu was living through, but it also made me wonder what I would have done if I was her.
In conclusion, this book is simple yet enthralling. It helps you see that you can achieve your goal even in the face of setbacks. It helps you understand how to look deeper, and see the special in everything. Read this story and go on an amazing adventure, with inquisitive, and thrill-seeking Renchu.