The Cloudfarers

Author: Stephen Alter

Publisher: Puffin Books

Paramount Academy is nothing short of a prison. As Kip comes to terms with this awful military-style school, he makes new friends who have a terrible secret: they are Cloudfarers-a lost tribe of beings from another planet, who have been exiled on earth. And they need his help to get back to their land, away from Principal Captain Lovelock, who is on to them. But time is running out . . . Join Kip and his friends as they embark on a stormy adventure on the clouds and through dangerous cliffs and mountains to reach a safe haven.

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The Cloudfarers
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 4 reviews
by Ananya Nayar on The Cloudfarers


A The book is about a boy named Kip who goes to boarding school because his parents were put in jail. There Kip finds some friends named Scruggs, Juniper and Meghna. He later realizes that his friends are from another world. Kip and his friends run away from school because the teachers are very cruel. They have many adventures together.


A 1 I like that the characters can walk on clouds.

2 I like their adventures because it is very unusual.

3 I like the subjects –because the boarding school teaches unusual subjects, like, how to make poison.


A Yes I would recommend this book to a friend because this book is very interesting and a bit strange. There is a lot of imagination in the book.

by Lekha Hetal Parekh on The Cloudfarers

The book is about a boy called Kip who goes to a boarding school and meets 3 new people who tell him their little secret, that they are cloudfarers and need to get back to their land. But they need Kip’s help and set off for an adventure.The book was interesting to read.It was creative and the book had proper grammar, because some books do not.Yes. I would, because it was interesting, creative, fun to read. And you can’t keep the book down!

by Sasha Maheswaran on The Cloudfarers

This book was about a boy named Kip who goes to boarding school they are very strict there but kip manages to make some friends but they turn out to

be non-human they are called the Cloudfarers they want to get to their home in the mountains Kip also fells he wants to escape because his parents are in

jail even if they were innocent so he wanted to get them free but the only way. So he decides to help his friends to escape but the only way to reach home is

from the clouds so they go but Kip can’t walk on the clouds but he gets the hang of it. The principal tries to get them from a helicopter and he fails and once his

friends reach to their home he goes to his own home and his parents are free from jail so they live happily ever after! I like that the plot is very interesting and creative. It’s a brilliant and amazing book to read! I would recommend it to a friend because it’s an amazing book but the only problem is that once you

start you can’t put it down!

by Vinitha M on The Cloudfarers

This is a story in the fantasy genre which keeps the reader hooked. After reading the first 2 pages, for instance, I was eager to find out what Kim does in his new stint at a boarding school: Does he jump onto a cloud? Is he caught by the guard dogs? Does he fall down and hit the rocks at the bottom? I would recommend this book to everyone for them to savour a good story and delight in the experience of walking on the clouds!