The Clever Tailor

Author: Srividhya Venkat

Illustrator: Nayantara Surendranath

Publisher: Karadi Tales

About: Rupa Ram is a famous but poor tailor with an unfulfilled dream – to stitch something for his own family. So, when he receives a gift of a brand new saafa, he is inspired to do just that! At the heart of this touching tale is a generous man who uses his imagination and creativity to do right by his family. With delightful illustrations by Nayantara Surendranath, this book is Srividhya Venkat’s charming Indian adaptation of a European folktale.

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The Clever Tailor
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
by Neel on The Clever Tailor

Lovely book for kids - how we can reuse things

by aaliyah on The Clever Tailor

well formed

dint waste cloth

it was usefull

he was clever at making things

sentences/words used

nicely made

by Raina Varma on The Clever Tailor

i gave 3 because of how repetitive it was. from wife to son to daughter to mom. one of the good things is that the story ended with an unexpected ending.the fonts and the presentation of the book were very vibrant and colorful. The pictures matched the paragraphs and made a lot of sense.

by Vivaan on The Clever Tailor

i gave this book 3 stars because i thought it is a good idea of telling people recycle clothes and not waste it but some of the parts were repetitive that is why i found it a little boring

by Prisha on The Clever Tailor

i rate this book a 4 only because it was repatative but it was excellent when he recycled one cloth and made it for his family

by Avyay grade 4 on The Clever Tailor

It inspiring how the author thinks of so many ways to use the turban. I enjoyed reading it as it also connected to my current UOi - sharing the plant in a creative way - it tells us how we can reuse things. The best part is how inspite of limited resources he keeps his family happy and entertained - with a story like this. (Twist in the end)

by Kimaya Arun on The Clever Tailor

The book is about a very good tailor and how he transformed a safa/ turban into many other useful items like a dupatta, a kurta, a doll and then a rose – all of them using the same cloth material. I liked it because it was very inspirational and it kept me going. I also liked it because it was very funny, interesting and well written.

Yes, I would recommend this to my friends because it was very entertaining and I am sure everyone who reads it will really really enjoy it too.