Poile Sengupta
Author, Poet, Storyteller

Poile Sengupta is a novelist, poet, playwright and short fiction writer, for both children and adults. In 1968, she began “A Letter to You”, a humour column telling the escapades of Perky and Raghu, for the children’s magazine, Children’s World, which ran for nearly three decades. She has written columns for children in Deccan Herald, Bangalore, The Times of India, Bangalore, and in Mid Day, Mumbai. Her recent fiction for children includes Role Call and Role Call Again, 2003, Vikram and Vetal, 2005, and Vikramaditya’s Throne, 2007, Four, a picture book, 2018. She did her Masters in English from Delhi University and later studied Children’s Literature at Carleton University, Ottawa. She has taught at college and school levels, and is a well-known theatre person.