NLF Imaginary Lines Presents Conversation with Maryanne wolf

Expert Talk by Maryanne Wolf based on the book Reader Come Home: The Reading Brain in a Digital World

Cognitive Neuroscientist and Reading Scholar Dr Maryanne Wolf will take an hour-long session which will delve into her fascinating work on the reading brain. During her session, she will touch upon deep reading, the reading brain, and the reading worlds we create.

Dr Wolf studies the human brain in her field of research, and “how it is literally changing under our fingertips.” She speaks about this at length in her book, Reader, Come Home, in which she touches upon the effects of life in a digital world upon the human brain: What is it doing to us as adults? What is the impact it can have on our children?

In her book, Dr Wolf also makes a case for our children to develop a “biliterate brain”, or as she describes it: “A child who knows when to allocate attention to those deep reading processes and when to play and move from one interesting thing after another.”

How can reading help us rediscover who we are and make more sense of the times that we live in? Find answers to these questions during the session.

Session details: Sept 26 | 9.30 am – 10.30 am (GMT +5.5)