Nandana Dev Sen
Writer, Actor and Child-rights activist

A writer, actor and child-rights activist, Nandana has authored 6 children’s books, translated into 15 languages globally. Her first, “Kangaroo Kisses,” was selected by 320 U.K. nurseries as a “Book of Excellence”, and she has conducted workshops with over 30,000 children across the world. An award-winning international actor, she has starred in 20 feature films from four continents.

Nandana is Ambassador for Child Protection for Save the Children India. She has partnered with UNICEF, Apne Aap and NCPCR to fight and end child-trafficking. Winner of the Last Girl Champion Award, Nandana has served on the jury of multiple child-rights commissions, international literary awards and film festivals. After studying literature at Harvard and filmmaking at U.S.C., Nandana worked as a book editor, a screenwriter, a poetry translator, a first responder to teens in crisis, and as Princess Jasmine in Disneyland.