Machher Jhol

Author: Richa Jha

Illustrator: Sumanta Dey

Publisher: Pickle Yolk Books

When Gopu’s father (Baba) falls sick, the visually impaired Gopu knows he would have to step out alone. He negotiates the crowds, the markets and the traffic of the city of Calcutta, all by himself, to reach his grandma’s house to get her to cook Baba’s favourite fish curry. Does he succeed in bringing it home to him? In this book, Richa Jha writes as much about the courage of Gopu as she does about the sounds and smells of a bustling metropolis. Sumanta Dey brings alive the city of Calcutta between the covers of this book and makes the readers feel they are walking alongside Gopu.

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Machher Jhol
Average rating:  
 17 reviews
by Noritra chatterjee on Machher Jhol

This book gives us an insight to the world of west Bengal.sometimes seeing is not everything.the smells,the sounds,the texture.This book helps us realise the world from a different perspective.

by Amala J Bharadwaj on Machher Jhol

I liked it because it was fun and interesting with many colourful pictures. what I didnt like was I did not understand most of the hindi words in the book.

by Grade 2 B on Machher Jhol

Even if you are alone you still need to take risk for your family & Friends. Even if you are blind you can make use of other senses like smell and touch. You should be brave to do anything for who needs help. You must be caring towards your family even if there problems. It is good to face your fears.

by Johrit on Machher Jhol

I loved this book because a kid who was blind went so far without anyone's help.I liked this book so much.I want this book to stay in the library.

by Mischka Sayeed on Machher Jhol

A very nice childrens book, it was a little unclear where Gopu was visually impaired or not and we only found that out after we read the summary.

But over all it was very nice and easy to read.

by ananya shankar on Machher Jhol

This book is emotional because it showed how he travel crossed the streets and how he was blind. The cared about his dad and took care of him was very sweet and i really liked the booked

by rhea khemlani on Machher Jhol

This was a great book and conveyed many ideas through the writing . The format of the book was unusual and the book showed many emotions like sadness ,

happiness and love .

by Akshita Bajaj on Machher Jhol

this is a very sweet book. till the end of the book i didn't know he was blind. Gopu is a very sweet boy who went to get his father's favorite machher jhol from his grandmothers house. Gopu is a very sweet boy.

by Carina Rodrigues on Machher Jhol

This book is very interesting. i didn't know that Gopu was blinded until i reached the end. The kid named Gupo goes to get machher jhol for his father was very nice and caring. it is an amazing book.

by Dhruv shah on Machher Jhol

This book conveyed many ideas and emotions .it told us about how the blind boy crossed the streets and it expressed sadness

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