Lost and Found : In a Mumbai Koliwada

Author: Vinitha

Illustrator: Kripa

Publisher: The People Place Project

“Are there villages inside cities? Are there villages where you live? In one village, inside a well-known city is little Meena who has found something.
Lost and Found is a woven, multi-layered story of an unnoticed cityscape and about a species that has been dwindling. It will leave you with a new lens to look at urban spaces.”

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Neev Literature Festival
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by Reviewd - Avyukt (Grade 2, North Campus) on Neev Literature Festival

Today, I am going to tell you about a book I nominated for the “Best Nature Book for Children Award”. This book is called Lost and Found in a Mumbai Koliwada. It is illustrated by Kripa and written by Vinitha. It is about when Meena finds an Olive Ridley Turtle and tries to take it back to the ocean. I nominated this book for the “Best Nature Book for Children Award” because it tells us to care for animals, especially endangered ones like the Olive Ridley. It also tells what happens when animals and people live close to each other. For example, the Olive Ridley turtle is not native to India, yet Meena found it in Mumbai!
My favourite character is the turtle because although the story is about him, he only comes in the end, leaving the reader amazed and surprised. I also like him because he is an Olive Ridley turtle and I love sea life.
My favourite part is when Meena releases the turtle. I like this part because she released the turtle instead of keeping it. I also like this part because it is the first time the turtle is shown in the book.
I like the pictures because they only use simple shapes like squares and only use three colours; blue, yellow, red. Another reason I like the pictures is because they remind (me) of a book series called Claude the Dog in which they use similar colours.
These reasons prove that you must give this book, the award for “Best Nature Book for Children”.

by Avyay Tenzin Agarwal - Grade 5 on Neev Literature Festival

Have you ever read a book that has a pronoun in its opening sentence? Have you ever read a book that starts with suspense and ends with a picture that gives you a clue to the answer? Well, Lost and Found has it all, as it tells the story of a little girl who holds something mysterious in her hand as she runs through her colony, in a large city.
The author and illustrator tell the story in a unique way by describing Meena’s surroundings in great detail as she goes on her journey. The author has used words from the language spoken locally like ‘nulla’, ‘datun’, ‘vada’ and which makes the story very real. The illustrator has added a lot of details to the background such as a Tata Sky dish antenna; a chicken running down the road; a temple, churches, a pedestal fan. This helps the reader connect to life at a Mumbai Koliwada.
I really liked the book because it took me on a journey. In the beginning, I thought that it was a simple book full of suspense. But then, I wondered why the illustrations and text were talking more about her surroundings than Meena’s adventure. I re-read the book and realized that the book was also about describing the smaller colonies inside big metro cities. Strangely, I see similar colonies everyday while going to school but I never really thought about it before.
I liked the facts shared in the book. However, I would have preferred if the information was provided at the end of the book, rather than the middle, so that the story could flow better.
I recommend this book to those who like a mix of fiction and non-fiction in their books. Also, this is great for animal lovers. To know why, read the book till the end!