Letters to Ammi

Author: Aftab Yusuf Shaikh

Illustrator: Photographs: Adrija Ghosh and Soumitra Ranade

Publisher: Karadi Tales

A young girl traces her mother’s journey through the city of Delhi, writing letters to her along the way. Every monument holds a memory; every letter tells a story and Fatima wants nothing more than to show her beloved Ammijaan that she is truly her mother’s daughter.

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Neev Literature Festival
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by Naman A. Shastri - Grade 4 on Neev Literature Festival

I love the concept of this book. It’s about a teenage girl who’s visiting Dehli on a vacation and writing a handful of letters to her beloved mother. The letters talk about the places she visits, the food she eats, and her feelings and comfort. The book takes you on a tour of Dehli, exploring the streets and geographical monuments.
Most of the images in the book are photographs and are taken from the perfect angle which helped explain the girl’s visions and emotions in detail.
The photos and style of writing took me back to when I lived in Cambridge, England and we used to go on lots of walks and tours. They also reminded me of my vacations, when we go site seeing and exploring new and old monuments, cultures, and most of all, FOOD.
If I went on a trip all by myself and wrote letters to my friends and family, I couldn’t have written them much better than these.
The one minor change I would make in the book would be the illustrations. While the photos and illustrations were both good, I felt that the photos getting cut on one page and the illustrations taking its place clashed and changed the scene a bit, in the book.