In My Heart

Author: Nandana Dev Sen

Illustrator: Ruchi Mhasane

Publisher: Puffin Books

“A very special story to be read with loved ones, In My Heart takes us on a child’s journey of discovering who she really is and where she comes from. Mia knows that she came out of Mumma’s heart and Papa’s heart. But when she learns that she has a tummy mummy too,she can’t wait to find her.
Warmly illustrated and deeply felt, this is a fearless and tender celebration of the magical ways in which different kinds of families are born. ”

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Neev Literature Festival
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 4 reviews
by Reviewd - Rev Ishika (Grade 2C) on Neev Literature Festival

Today I am going to tell you about my favourite NLF book. It is called In My Heart by Nandana Sen. The book is about the parents’ unconditional love for their child Mia.
I think that the cover page showed a lot of love between Mia’s parents and her. The pictures showed a heart that both Mia's parents were hugging. In the heart was their daughter Mia!
I also think the characters look very real . The parents of the little girl Mia are accepting of her. They show a lot of love to their daughter like my parents do to me.
The Life lesson I learnt is all children need a happy home and it is a very noble thing to adopt children.
I give this book a ‘True love’ award because Mia's parents adopted her and always thought she was the most precious thing to them.
I hope you read the book because it is about true love and it is also a very special book!

by Reviewd Ruhi (Grade 2B) on Neev Literature Festival

Have you read the book “In My Heart”?
Well I have! This book is by Nandana Dev Sen. My favourite character is Mia because she is always curious; I am too and I ask a lot of questions.
I like the cover because it is showing Mia in her parents’ heart and also tells what the story might be about. The life lesson I learnt is that no matter where we are, we will always stay together!
My favourite part was where Mia drew a picture of her tummy mummy because she used her imagination to identify her tummy mummy!
Another life lesson is that the person you love will always be in your heart and that the person you love will always love you!
This book is about a little girl asking her family about her tummy mummy and how she came out of her parents’ heart.
I also like Mia because she asks questions and gets more data from her family! Asking questions means getting more information about a topic.
The author has written about a family where everyone loves each other unconditionally.
I hope you enjoy reading the book.

by Reviewed Saina - Grade 2, North Campus on Neev Literature Festival

I choose the book “In My Heart” for the Best Book on Loving and Caring. This book is about an adopted girl named Mia and her family. She always wanted to know who was her ‘tummy mummy’. But she got so much love and care from this family that she finally stopped hunting for her mother.
My favourite characters are Mia’s mom and dad because they are very loving and caring. For example, Mia’s dad tried to make the red thai curry more orange than red. Mia’s mom got her a soap that smelt like marmalade, because Mia loved orange. They always told her that she had come out of their hearts.
My favourite part is when Mia’s parents helped her find her tummy mummy. For example, they took her to the children’s home and the clinic where she was born. The doctors and nurses still remembered and loved her.
The illustrations also match the award that I have chosen to give this book. The illustrations are full of hearts!
The best one is when Mia’s grandmom was singing a song to Mia and Mia’s grandfather was carrying Mia on his shoulders. Another one is a picture when Mia’s parents have Mia inside their hearts even before they met her. Me and Mia have a lot of connections like we both like beaches, jigsaw puzzles and cookies. The book teaches us a big life lesson that if you love and care (for) others, you also get back the same in return. The love and care which Mia got from her family members made her feel very happy and she found her mother in her heart itself.

This is a FANTASTIC book and now you will agree that it should be nominated for the “Best Book on Loving and Caring’.

by Prakruti Balaji - Grade 4C on Neev Literature Festival

I picked up this book because the title and cover page seemed interesting and I felt I could relate to it. The narrative is simple and easy to understand. The illustrations are attractive and captured my attention.
The story is about a girl named Mia who lives with her parents and a dog. She is curious about her tummy mummy, when she sees her friend's mom who is pregnant. Although she knows she came from mama’s and papa’s heart, she wants to find her tummy mummy. Thec rest of the story is about her discovery and how she finds the answer to her question. The book is filled with characters who love Mia unconditionally.
When I was little, I had a Touch and Feel book called ‘Are you my Mummy?’ and asked the same question to my mom again and again. As a reader it took me on a trip down memory lane and I recalled some of those sweet moments . I feel grateful for family and friends that support me.
This book makes me believe that the world is filled with kind-hearted people. I also realised that love and inclusivity can make the world a better place.