Flying With Grandpa

Author: Madhuri Kamat

Publisher: Duckbill Books


About: ‘Xerxes’ mother wants him to be like JRD Tata, but all Xerxes wants is to be like his Grandpa – his beloved Mamavaji. His mother thinks Grandpa is a bad influence on Xerxes and she wants to separate them. Xerxes cannot let that happen. If Grandpa learnt to fly, it might just solve the problem. But Grandpa isn’t interested in any plans for him. Whatever is Xerxes going to do.

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Flying With Grandpa
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 7 reviews
by Keshav Prabhu on Flying With Grandpa


What is this book about?

This book is about a boy and his family. The story is mainly around the boy and his friend like grandpa.

What do you like in this book?

The things that I like in this book are

-The market game that xerxes played with grandpa

-Xerxes taking his grandpa to the airfield

-Xerxes trying to learn about JRD Tata to please his mom

Will you recommend this book to your friends?

Yes I will recommend this book to my friends as it is funny and realistic. It is about being together as a family and supporting each other. I feel it is important.

by Anirud R on Flying With Grandpa


This book is about a boy who wants to be like his Grandpa but his mother wants him to be like JRD Tata and she wanted to separate them.

Things I like in this book:

I liked the story.

I liked the pictures.

I liked the way the boy showed his love to his grandpa.

I would recommend this book to my friends because I understood that we must respect our parents from this story.

by Karpagga on Flying With Grandpa

An unusual and touching story of a boy named Xerex who loved is grandpa however his mother assumes that his grandpa is a poor influence. Xerex`s mother also wants him to be like JRD Tata the famous businessman but all he wants is to be like his awesome, bizarre grandpa. His mother plans to separate them but xerex doesn’t let that happen! The strong relationship between Xerex and his grandpa has been very beautifully evoked.I enjoy how Xerex is overly enthusiastic and eager to become like is grandpa.The story has scores of humorous and witty instances with wonderful illustrations making it a delightful read!It is a realistic story which deeply moved me and shows the influence of grandparents on the grandchildren. It had a beautiful and subtle message with many funny instances and wonderful illustrations to it and also touches upon the special bond between the grand father and the grandson. Sonji the mother insists her son to become a personality like JRD Tata who got the first

pilot license in India and a Business man who was a patriarch of the Tata business empire. But the boy was muddled as to what he should become- a pilot or a businessman? The story can be well related to any household where the mother has big dreams however for a child no one could be more ideal role model than his grandpa. On the whole it is an entertaining, poignant story which

every child should read with their grandparents!

by Maalvika Bhagyalakshmi Raamganesh on Flying With Grandpa

What is this book about?

The book is about a boy called Xerxes who wants to become like his Grandpa. He wants to become like his Grandpa because he finds that his Grandpa doesn’t have to work hard, and is always relaxed and jolly. But his mom wants him to study hard and become a high-achiever like JRD Tata and because of that she is pushing him to work hard.

3 Things I like about this book:

1.I like the relationship between Grandpa and Xerxes, especially the way Grandpa always cheers up Xerxes when he is sad.

2.The book is funny in many parts.

3.Xerxes is a Parsi, so I was able to learn about the Parsi culture. For example, they have a festival called Navjote, where friends and family come over and bring them gifts.

Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why?

I will recommend this book to a friend because if a kid wants to become something and if the kid’s parents wants them to become something else, then they will know how to deal with that. It is also a fun, surprising and interesting book to read.

by Arjun Kalaiselvan on Flying With Grandpa

What is this book about?

It's about a boy whose name is Xerxes who wants to be like J.R.D Tata and his grandfather. The book also talks about when he went to a flight simulator box and took a photo with his grandfather in a place called Gootchputcha Phata without his mother knowing it and how his family won a whole ceremony of his neighbour and more.

3 Things l like about this book :

I like one of the comedies in this book: When the school bus arrived, Xerxes started wobbling and dancing and his mother told him to stay still. When the bus arrived and the teacher asked him to come in, he dint respond and stood still like his mother said. His mother started asking him to go in, but Xerxes said "But you told me to stand still, Mama". There are many things people will like in this book.

Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why?

Yes. I would because there are many emotional parts, very funny comedy and sometimes you will start sweating when you read one of the passages. Basically it gives a twist and turn to the story. That's why l will recommend this book to a friend.

by Nethra Vinod on Flying With Grandpa

This story is about a Parsi boy named Xerxex, his relationship with his Grandpa and their common interest for Aeroplanes. Xerxex wants to be a pilot like JRD Tata, who was the first certified pilot in India.

The book has both sad parts and happy parts which make it different and enjoyable. I find some parts of the book very funny. I especially like the fact that this book is about a religion which I have not read about in any other book ever before - Zorastrian / Parsi.

I would surely recommend this book to all my friends and family.

I grade it with 5 stars!

by Jagdish Patro on Flying With Grandpa

The author of the book Madhuri Kamat should be applauded for her effort in bringing together the different elements of human nature in a short book. It pictures how grandchildren crave to live with their grandparents and how their parents try to limit the intervention and influence of the elderly on young minds. As parents we try to influence our children by projecting an individual, JRD Tata in the present case, as a role model. However, little hearts often prefer a parent or a grandparent to be their role model instead.

Xerxes, the little Parsi boy who is the hero of the story, thinks his Grandpa is a real hero and goes on several adventures with him. His mother tries her best to keep them apart but in vain.

The beginning of the story is engaging. The flow of events is depicted well. The conversation among the different characters gives the script strength and keeps the reader involved. With a story that feels like a smoothly flowing river, this is a book worth reading and stocking in our almarah for days to come.