Dotted Lines

Author: Bhuri Bai Bhil & Debjani Mukherjee

Illustrator:  Bhuri Bai Bhil & Debjani Mukherjee

Publisher: Katha

Learn all about the Bhil tribal people of Madhya Pradesh, earth-caring artists and storytellers. Awesome art brings to life a heartwarming story of a Bhil girl as she becomes an artist, seeing her own world with new creativity.

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Neev Literature Festival
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 2 reviews
by Reviewd - Dia - Grade 2C on Neev Literature Festival

If you really want to award a book for best painter award, it should be Dotted Linesby by Bhuri Bai Bhil (and Debjani Mukherjee). It is all about Bhuri as she learns to paint.
My favourite part is when Bhuri learns how to paint on paper because her paintings talk about her village and also it was a challenge.
Another part which I like is when she teaches her family how to paint. This is the most beautiful part of the book. The illustration is very pretty. The part where she receives awards is encouraging. It shows her hard work being rewarded. The part where some family falls sick, I don’t like because it sounds sad. I feel the book is very encouraging. It will inspire girls to pick up painting. The illustrations are very beautiful. It should win the award.

by Naman A Shastri - Grade 4A - Neev Academy, Bengaluru on Neev Literature Festival

Dotted lines is a one of a kind book about a little girl who lives in Madhya Pradesh, India. The book talks about her childhood, and how she grew up in a village. It talks about how she, her family, and her friends celebrated a traditional and cultural festival called ‘Rakhi Pithora’, a festival to honour one of their cultural gods, Dev Pithora. As a tradition for the festival, they paint their house with nature scenes. This is where the little girl (Who grew up to write this book) got her love for painting. As she grew up, she became more passionate about her cultural art...
The illustrations, apart from the story, were my favourite part of the book. They matched perfectly with the title and the plot of the whole autobiography. Lots of colourful ‘Dotted Lines’ covered the pages in the traditional Pithora style.
I think we can all connect this to something in our life. Our culture, our passions, and how we, just like this little girl, can achieve our goals and life ambitions. I connect this to the fact that to achieve what we want, we have to keep practising, keep dreaming, and most of all, never give up hope and faith.
One minor thing that I would change about this book is that the author sometimes moved from one idea to another suddenly so I kind of got confused. A gradual change between twoideas, would have been better with phrases connecting one idea to the next event or idea.
Overall, the book was really good. It was, for me, a really inspiring and positive life story. I really got inspired by the book and I think everyone who reads this book will be.