Book Club with Elizabeth Stewart on the Young Adult novel Blue Gold

Session 1: Nov 20 | 06.30 pm- 7.30 pm IST (GMT +5.5)

Session 2: Nov 28 | 10.00 am-11.00 am IST (GMT +5.5)

These sessions will revolve around the book Blue Gold, aimed at readers of 14-16 years. This novel weaves together the stories of 3 teenagers – Fiona, Sylvie, and Laiping – from the countries of North America, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and China. Unknown to them, they are connected by the conflict mineral–coltan, which is used in several electronic appliances, but most popularly used in our cell phones.

Vancouver-based Elizabeth Stewart, the author of Blue Gold, will guide the sessions and share her thoughts with the participants on the work that went into creating the book and the story behind it.

Each session will see the author touch upon the context surrounding the book, her motivations for writing it, and her perspective on particular chapters. Participants will also get to engage in a Q&A with the author at the end of the sessions.

Indian readers can get their copy of the book online or from a nearby bookstore.


Elizabeth Stewart lives in Vancouver, Canada. Her YA novel, The Lynching of Louie Sam received the best mystery and best historical novel prizes at the 2013 Canadian Children’s Book Centre Awards, and was listed in the 2013 White Ravens Collection, International Youth Library, Munich. Her second novel, Blue Gold, explores the human cost of smartphones through the lives of three teens, on three different continents. Blue Gold has been translated into half a dozen languages, and was the recipient of the 2014 Eric Hoffer Award. Elizabeth is also a screenwriter. Her TV movie Luna: Spirit of the Whale, about a stray Killer Whale who was instrumental in restoring cultural pride to the youth of a Canadian First Nation, has been screened around the world. Her feature film, The Boathouse, will be released in 2021.