Ammama’s Sari

Author: Niveditha Subramaniam

Illustrator:  Niveditha Subramaniam

Publisher: Tulika Publishers

“Oh-oh! Ammama’s sari has a hole in it! So she gets down to some snipping and stitching. And the sari becomes a pretty curtain, a snug baby-sling, a perfect plaything for the cat.
Beautiful textured cloth collages weave through the pages of this wordless picture book. It captures the comfortable sensory memories of the author’s own Ammama- the grandmother for whom upcycling was as natural as being in a sari.”

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Neev Literature Festival
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by Reviewd - Ryan (Grade 2 - North Campus) on Neev Literature Festival

I nominate this NLF book which is called Ammama’s Sari by Niveditha Subramaniam and I will nominate this NLF book for the Best Illustration Award.
My favourite character is Ammama because she recycled her sari and another reason is she made toys for her children and her cat.
My favourite part is when Ammama made stuffed toys for her children and her cat because she was kind to her children and cared for the cat.
My favourite illustration is when the cat was playing with his new ball and new fish because he was happy and playful and I liked the button as a toy fish eye.
Do you know what is the moral of this story? The moral of this story is recycle things and make new things. Don’t you think this is a very nice book and you must read it? What award will you give this book?
#1 - I am giving this book Best Illustration Award because the pictures of the sari are very beautiful. It all started when the little girl saw the torn sari.

by Reviewd - Kanishk (Grade 2A) on Neev Literature Festival

Who does not like Ammama? I am going to introduce the book called Ammama’s Sari written by Niveditha Subramaniam. This is a wonderful picture book about a loving relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter. I would like to nominate this book for Best Picture Book Award.
I feel this picture book is very close to my heart because I love my Ammama a lot and I do so many things with her. The title was so catchy and that’s why I chose this book to read.
This book is all about how Ammama recycled her torn sari into a lot of things. She makes it into a curtain, pillow, turtle shell, baby swaddles. In my opinion, the best thing Ammama made is the dress for the doll and the toy for the kitten because the black and white doll turned into a colourful one and also the kitten got a colourful toy to play with. I am sure that the girl and the kitten would be happy.
Another reason why I like this book is because I learned that we should recycle old things and not waste them. Also, this relates to me because even I like the idea of recycling.
The illustrations in the book are so beautiful and colourful. Even if there are no words anyone can understand the story well.
With all the reasons I have listed this book deserves to be nominated for the Best Picture Book Award.

by Anaaya Kanchan - Grade 5 on Neev Literature Festival

Ammama has a beautiful golden sari. One day, it gets torn. What will Ammama do? Will she throw it away? No. Instead, she chooses to use it in a way that benefits everyone in the house. She stitches and sews and cuts; Ammama’s sari becomes a useful cloth for everyone.
The plot of this book is very simple, yet impactful. Each character is beautifully portrayed: the father, the child, the baby, and the cats. Each of them is a part of the storyline, which is beautifully woven around recycling, in this short and nice story.
Now, here is the catch. There isn’t a single word in the whole book. Then how did it tell a story? Through illustrations of course! Niveditha Subramaniam’s beautiful illustrations make the storyline clear and thought-provoking. How will we recycle? What could we make out of a sari? All these questions pop up in our heads. The illustrations themselves are drawn with great detail. Each character comes alive in your head.
There are lots of connections I have with this book. Recycling is one of the many things I think is important, and is one of the things I do. Now, you will be thinking, wait, a book on recycling? Won’t that be super boring? No! This book manages to put the idea of recycling in your head just by looking at the illustrations.
I feel the story could have included some plot twists or surprises, in which the sari could have been used in more unusual ways or helped different kinds of people.
In conclusion though, I love the book Ammama’s Sari because it is simple, thoughtful, and beautiful.