All of Me

Author: Venita Coelho


Publisher: Harper Collins India

“London, 1854: Castor is discovered locked away in a basement. He has been there for five years, but he hasn’t been alone. The Family has kept him company. Together they try to solve the mystery of why Castor was imprisoned.
The clues lead them to the most fabulous jewel in the world – the Koh-i-Noor. Hunted by the deadly Blue Turbans, Castor and the Family race against time to unravel the connection between the diamond, his imprisonment and the disappearance of his parents. ”

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Neev Literature Festival
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by Reviewed Mythri Swaminathan - Gr 6, Edited by Aarushi Mutreja - Gr 12 on Neev Literature Festival

‘All Of Me’ by Venita Coelho is a book which contains an epic blend of mystery, humour, and imagination with an intriguing concept. It starts off with a conversation within a fictional family: The Infant Boy, Mr. Pickwick, Miss Trent, Skinner, and the Boy.
Castor is introduced after the death of his caretaker who locks up Castor in his basement for more than 5 years. All of these personalities and the “family” he created all emerged from his own mind in the dark. The tale takes multiple twists and turns, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat throughout the story.
The story is set in London in 1854, and it leads to Castor when a key is found in the mouth of the dead caretaker. The search for the lock takes the reader through historical moments in Indian history, kings and queens, fact and fiction. One interesting aspect is that you learn quite a bit about Indian history through this book.
The book is a recipe for imagination itself. A gallon of creativity, a pinch of reality, and a spoonful of craziness. One thing that really drew me to the book was the multiple perspectives and personalities of the whimsical characters portrayed in the book. The style in which it is written is quirky and interesting, which is also one of my favourite parts. I liked the way the book talks about the multiple sides of Castor, the 11-year-old protagonist.
Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book, so thank you Venita Coelho for writing it!